Quality, Audit & Control

Quality, Audit & Control

DeProyecto is specialized in the commercial and private construction sectors. This has made us especially aware of the need to promote quality control for every detail of a construction project, and to incorporate quality experts in our teams.

Slab is a vital part of the construction process as it’s the base work tool for any industrial, commercial or logistic activity. This fact is reinforced if we also take into account the difficulty to carry out repairs with an ongoing activity, which in its turn affects the operability of the facility. Having a durable and low maintenance slab is fundamental. This is why Top Management invests so much time in controlling and auditing quality.

We analyze:

  • concrete mix design
  • steel fiber when applicable
  • joint design and layout
  • detail design

We monitor the process whilst the slab is being laid on site.

Roofing is also a major matter since roof leaks, if and when they occur, are a major cause of dispute between tenant and landlord. For this reason, DeProyecto has set-up an extensive roof quality control system.

For Deproyecto quality is a key issue. As a consequence, the firm has developed a quality tool to control and audit the whole construction process