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Construction & Project Management

Construction & Project Management services are a highly valuable technical and commercial support, that is essential for investors and promotors throughout the extensive execution processes involved in a construction project.

Project Monitoring

The essence of Project Monitoring is to give all our clients objective information at the right time, that allows them to make wise decisions at that point in time. The development and success of the project depend essentially on it.

Program Management

Program Management is the management of several projects at the same time, from conception to delivery, that permits essential improvements in time, cost and quality.


At DeProyecto we consider an Outsourced PM as an extension of both, the client and our team. An Outsourced PM is a part of the client’s project team with the advantage that they count with DProyecto expertise and experience.


DeProyecto – Project Management is a team of high specialized professional team of architects, engineers and business people, and have wide experience in the development of projects and execution of hotels and high standing houses in both, new construction and refurbishment.


Advice to plan, manage and deliver large scale individual projects for the public and private sectors. Capital projects are generally complex and involve many parties, risks and challenges, which means that defining the type of governance is crucial.

Our Service


Due Diligence

The perform of a Due Diligence prior to the acquisition of land and/or building assets, is critical to assess potential risks and to protect client’s interests and investitions.

Quantity Surveying

The cost manager/quantity surveyor plays a pivotal role in the financial and contract management of construction projects by providing accurate estimations of construction costs.

Project Value Engineering

Value engineering is used to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality. The aim is to increase the value of products, satisfying the product’s performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Testing & Commissioning

Testing & commissioning is the process of verifying after installation of the mechanical systems (HVAC), mainly plumbing, electrical, fire/life safety and building security. This process is required to verify the compliance of the installation with the specification and to make sure it functions properly.

Brand Implementation

Branding concludes that the brand with an image – the image that consumers have in mind when they come into contact with the brand – belongs to the company’s figurehead. For this purpose, it is linked to certain messages (slogans, claims), images and emotions with which the consumer can identify. The aim is to increase the intangible value of this brand and to develop trust and customer loyalty.